Pelagia Review – Fish Farmer!

A review of just came out this month in a trade magazine called Fish Farmer (June 2022 issue, page 25). Here is what they said:

Steve Holloway’s debut novel is an impressively ambitious thriller set in the year 2066. Skilfully weaving back and forward in time and ranging across several continents, Pelagia tells the story of special forces agent turned particle physicist Ben Holden. Holden is on the run from the New Caliphate who need his biometrics in order to fulfil their plan of unleashing chaos on the West. He finds refuge among the sea settlers of the South Pacific Pelagic Territory, yet his life remains under threat.

Cinematic in its storytelling, Pelagia combines the tension of Captain Phillips and the intelligent science-fiction of Minority Report. In addition to its complex characters and a convincing portrayal of religious extremism, the novel offers a fascinating glimpse into the future of aquaculture that will certainly engross anyone with an interest in that field.

Indeed, this might be the first novel to realistically envisage precisely where technological developments in fish farming might lead. Those who already work at the forefront of innovation in aquaculture will be gripped by the oceanic world that Holloway expertly conjures up. Meanwhile, for those in any doubt about the relevance of aquaculture to the future survival of humanity, this novel should be mandatory reading.

An immersive and inspiring book

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