Pelagia Launch – The Movie!

Distilled Life

A little over a month ago I received the free author’s copy of my book from my publisher Lion Fiction. Here in my hand was a distillation of years of my life and thoughts into a pound of paper or flurry of electrons. A strange feeling, to say the least. The ink has dried and I am no longer intimately involved in its creation, it now has a live of its own before a larger public.

While my life is not defined by writing a book or being an author – there are far more important things – it is a milestone. So to celebrate, friends and family helped me organize a online book launch on June 19th 2021.

Best Laid Plans

We tried to plan it carefully, but ‘the best laid plans of mice and men, how oft they go astray.’ Over fifty signed up for the event, but because of problems with the password, only a little over thirty were able to attend. We recorded it, but had it on a wrong setting so the video was unusable. However, we had the audio track, so we used it to capture highlights from the time.

Two Videos

We made two videos laying the soundtrack of the Launch over the PowerPoint we use.

In the first, Pelagia Launch – The Interview, I am interviewed by a friend, Jeleta. We explore the basic idea of Pelagia, what inspired the story, some of the author’s background, what from the book might happen in the near future and background on some key characters.

The second video, Pelagia Launch – The Questions, we respond to questions from the live audience at the event. What inspired the story, life in the Pelagic Territories of the near future, working with a network of reviewers, the sequel and more.

It was a great time, thank you to all who attended; and for those who couldn’t, I hope you enjoy these captured highlights!

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